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McCarthy Cinema at the Stephen Joseph Theatre, Westborough, Scarborough 

YO11 1JW

OUR FESTIVAL HUB - TheMcCarthy Cinema at the Stephen Joseph Theatre. The majority of events take place here. This is our meeting point and where to come if you need information. Box Office is located here.

Woodend Gallery & Studios

YO11 2PW

SeaGrown, MV Southern Star, Vincent Pier

YO11 1PH

Home of our Queer Shorts Programme: Liquid Thoughts. In collaboration with current exhibitions: Always Been Here and Garth Gratrix: Cheeky Felicia. 

Home of our Sunday morning programme: Stories of the Sea - Artist's Moving Image. Please also take the opportunity to find out more about SeaGrown's brilliant work and taste some of their delicious fare.

Railway Club, Station Building, Westborough

YO11 1TN

Home of our music focussed films: So, Which Band Is Your Boyfriend In? and Babylon. Shown in partnership with Record Revivals and Rebel Radics Soundsystem.

Mandy Apple, 44 Newborough, YO11 1NF

Home of our developing filmmakers' showcase. Drop in any time 10am-4pm (2pm on Thursday), to see what Scarborough's young filmmaker's have been working on.

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