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THE SAW MAKERS dir. Jacob Hesmondhalgh
As Shane and Jaq Skelton, the UK’s only bespoke saw makers, struggle to keep the craft alive, this intimate film follows the making of their new Chippendale inspired saw, while illustrating the passion that woodwork and making can have to individuals as they battle life threatening illnesses.

EDEN dir. Charlie Bush
Eden is a Poetic Style Short Documentary exploring the life of a Transgender Wild-Water Swimmer and Mental Health Advocate. This documentary follows Eden’s extraordinary story as a transgender woman, who by taking on science managed to break the rules and find a new passion at the same time.

WISH YOU WERE HERE dir. Shaun Clark
A journey through a characters imagination as he digs in the sand discovering objects left by others who he can only imagine.


MOSS OF MANY LAYERS dir. Juliet Klottrup
Moss of Many Layers’ is a new project focusing on an extraordinary expanse of lowland bog at Bolton Fell Moss, north of Hadrian’s Wall in Cumbria.

WISH I WERE THERE dir. Neil Baker
A poetic ode to the flawed but compelling English seaside, where childhood memories of endless days of play are nostalgically rekindled if you look beyond the noise and take in the beauty of where sea meets land.

A PUNCH FROM THE SUN dir. Sam Henderson One man’s tale of revenge. Like the weather people change.

COAST dir. Rebecca Sills, Keiron Goodwin, Dean Sills A wildlife film in production filmed over 2 years on the Yorkshire coast

TIME AND TIDE dir. Caleb Yule
Steve and Keith are the last two seacoalers working today, and despite the government phasing out coal in under two years’ time, they remain proud of their craft and the life it has given them.

You need to hear this message from 10-year-old Rose from Saltburn.
"Who knows what will happen in the future if we keep on going on like how we are. And that's what I want people to know. I want people to know that what people are doing is wrong and we need a change in the world.”


TIME AND TIDE dir. Caleb Yule
EDEN dir. Charlie Bush

In association with the Stephen Joseph Theatre

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